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How to Protect Outdoor Plugs from Rain

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Outdoor electrical connections are often exposed to harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow. These elements can seep into the plug connections, causing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) to trip. This is where PlugShields' All-Weather Plug Gaskets come into play.

How to Protect Outdoor Plugs from Rain

What are PlugShields' All-Weather Plug Gaskets?

PlugShields' All-Weather Plug Gaskets are designed to block out rain and snow that gets into outdoor extension cord plug connections and holiday light string plugs. They are easy to install, can handle any type of weather, and can be easily stored on the cord or light string plug for the next use. They are compatible with both 2 and 3-prong plugs.

How do they work?

The All-Weather Gaskets fit between your plug connections to keep rain and other elements from tripping your GFCIs. They also have All-Weather Plug Covers that fit on the end of any open-ended plug to block moisture from getting in. Using these gaskets and covers will assist your GFCIs to keep your lights on, even in adverse weather conditions like rain, sleet, or snow. These soft, pliable shields can save you hours of time and frustration.

Quality and Durability

PlugShields' products have been rigorously tested by submerging them in water while actively connected for 72 hours without tripping the GFCI. They can also be used outside whether it’s freezing or blazing hot as they can withstand temperature ranges from -65 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit while still remaining soft, pliable, and flexible.

How to Use

  1. Ensure both male and female plug surfaces are clean and dry.
  2. Place the gasket on the male plug.
  3. Press together until tight.

Additional Information

  • All-Weather Plug Gaskets can be washed & re-used multiple times.
  • They can be used with both 2 and 3 pronged plugs.
  • Even in very cold weather, Weatherproof Gaskets will remain soft and pliable.
  • If you are still having problems with the GFCI tripping after using Weatherproof Gaskets, double check you are using extension cords rated for outdoor use. Also make sure you aren’t overloading a single circuit with too many amps. If your breaker trips, contact a licensed electrician.
  • Don’t discard the third prong if you remove it from a PlugShields Plug Cover. You can break off the ground prong and use it with a gasket to seal off the open, female ground hole in the first strand of the series that you plugged into the extension cord.


PlugShields' All-Weather Plug Gaskets are a reliable solution to protect your outdoor plugs from rain and other weather conditions. They are easy to use, durable, and reusable, making them a great investment for anyone looking to protect their outdoor electrical connections.