All-Weather Plug Gaskets

Choose our gaskets for stringing together lights and extension cords with male/female plug connections.

All-Weather Gaskets & Plug Covers

Choose our gasket and cover combos for terminating female plug connections.


The All-Weather Plug Cover is uniquely designed to easily break off the ground prong section for use on 2-pronged, female plugs. For the 3-pronged female plugs, no alteration to the All-Weather Plug Cover is required. Use as is. Make sure to use plug covers with our all-weather gaskets. Plug covers should not be used without a plug gasket.


Even when it is freezing outside with snow coming down, the waterproof material for the All-Weather Plug Gasket remains soft and pliable. This material can withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -65 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is quite simple and our products were designed to easily handle this frequent holiday scenario.  Simply break off the 3rd prong on the All-Weather Plug Cover to create a single pin for use to cover female ground hole. The All-Weather Plug Cover ground pin will fit through the gasket to seal the open hole. Always make sure to use our plug covers in combination with our plug gaskets.


The All-Weather Plug Gasket material was purposely designed to be extremely pliable and waterproof. The thickness is approximately 1/16 inch and does not interfere with the power requirements of the connection. When the plug is connected, the All-Weather Plug Gasket will compress between the male and female plugs allowing the mechanical friction of the connection to hold the shield securely in place.

For loose-fitting plugs, it is recommended that you increase the friction of the connection by slightly pulling apart the two male prongs.


The All-Weather Plug Gasket and Plug Covers have been used by other customers for many year. You can simply store them by leaving them on your disconnected male plugs or leave the plug covers with gaskets inserted into the female plug for storage. If they get muddy or dirty, we do recommend that you rinse the gaskets with water as and they will easily clean up for repeated use.

The All-Weather Plug Cover is a male plug and should always be used in conjunction with an All Weather Gasket to terminate the open female end of the power source. If you do not terminate the open female plug end, it is likely that your GFCI will get tripped.


It is not recommended to use the shields on a wall plate plug because wall plates tend to have indentions. They are not flat, therefore we cannot guarantee you will get an effective seal. If you are having trouble with water getting into your wall plate plugs, we recommend using an outdoor weatherproofing outlet cover. You can purchase them at any hardware store.

First, double-check all of your plug connections. Make sure you have a tight seal.

Second, make sure any light strands, extension cords, or other connections you are using are rated for OUTDOOR use. Power cords that are rated for indoor use are not waterproof. Any moisture will cause an indoor power cord or indoor light strands to trip a GFCI.

Third, make sure you are not plugging too many things into the same circuit going above the amperage rating. If you are tripping a breaker and not just the GFCI, you may have too much current being drawn on a single circuit. If you are having problems with your breakers tripping, we recommend that you try using a different outlet that is not on the same “problem” breaker circuit. If you have re-routed your power cords to a different circuit and you are still tripping breakers, we highly recommend you contact a licensed electrician to help you figure out what and where the problem is.

Here’s an article about GFCI trips that may assist to further understand GFCI products.

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