All-Weather Plug Gaskets

Choose our gaskets for stringing together lights and extension cords with male/female plug connections.

All-Weather Gaskets & Plug Covers

Choose our gasket and cover combos for terminating female plug connections.


Based on 37 reviews

Works as advertised, and perfect solution for my outdoor plugs to make them waterproof!

Great Idea and the PlugShields were delivered quickly.

these are awesome...needed them for my Christmas lights setup work great for connecting the sections of lights and for terminating the connections with no risk of water intrusion. Is way easier then taping the line or using expensive plug covers.

Got these and they worked great for our application.

They actually work

Have not had to reset a circuit breaker in a while!


Normally every year I used ziplock bags or tape to cover all my plugs. This year I ordered these to try and they worked great. It rained and everything was fine. I wish I had these years earlier.


Much better products on the market with far less hassle.

Great idea

Easy to use and almost invisible.

Didn't work as advertised.

Couldn't prevent lawn sprinklers from shorting the circuit.

Water still gets into plug.

Water still gets into plug and will pop gcfi.

Good with slight design flaw

So far gaskets working well between plug connections. I have some white lights that are up year round. The problem I run into is plugging 2 prong lights into a 3 hole extension cord, the plastic plug ends are designed to snap off the third prong and reused by itself it needed. I can't get them to break off cleanly, the top ends up being too big to fit as a fill in with a 2 prong plug, it will push the plug away from the extension, so you don't have a tight connection anymore. There is not enough room for the third prong cap, it is too big to fit flush. I've tried filing them down and trimming them with no luck. A short video on how to trim these to fit and with what tool would be helpful.

Not water tight

Recent purchase for this year. Bought both the plastic plug and silicone gaskets. Had a good rain and my xmas display shorted out.

Ingenious Idea

They work great, wish I had thought of it!

Perfect Solution

Every year our external Christmas lights would short out from rain or snow. After inserting these gaskets our lights haven’t shorted out once! I’m completely satisfied!

They work without the hassle.

Simple to use, no electrical taping needed to keep the Christmas lights up during the rain. You do need quite a few of them if you decorate a lot. Wish they were cheaper, given the simplicity of the process.


We run a light exhibit for almost 2 months, and when lights turn off in the rain it makes for disappointed guests. These gaskets have been a game changer, and I now the only water problems I have are where I didn't use these. Highly recommend.

Didn’t Work

I used the plug shield at every connection and still had the same issue with water getting in the plugs. I’m sure it keeps some water out but not enough to keep the GFCI from tripping.

Five Stars

Five Stars.


So far so good

Outdoor Weatherproof Extension Cord Gaskets; Christmas Light Weatherproof Gaskets ***BACKORDERED*** ORDERS WILL SHIP OUT ON THURSDAY DEC. 14TH.***

Extension Cord Gaskets

After receiving and installing the gaskets on our outdoor Christmas lights, It started to rain on Sunday. And just like in the past the breaker tripped and all the lights went out. Would not recommend or buy again.


These outlet covers are perfect for outdoor holiday lighting and electric cords.

Plug shields

I just used these on my outdoor Christmas lights and they are very nice to use, and they
Make a nice tight waterproof seal

Great product

For something so simple, the Plug Shield is fantastic. A spongy product, that keeps moisture out of extension cord connections. I now feel safe using my smoker in the rain. On top of a great product, the customer service is absolutely the best of any company I’ve ever dealt with.

Work great hope they extend the life of the lights

Fit great