All-Weather Plug Gaskets

Choose our gaskets for stringing together lights and extension cords with male/female plug connections.

All-Weather Gaskets & Plug Covers

Choose our gasket and cover combos for terminating female plug connections.


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Plug shields

I just used these on my outdoor Christmas lights and they are very nice to use, and they
Make a nice tight waterproof seal

Great product

For something so simple, the Plug Shield is fantastic. A spongy product, that keeps moisture out of extension cord connections. I now feel safe using my smoker in the rain. On top of a great product, the customer service is absolutely the best of any company I’ve ever dealt with.

Work great hope they extend the life of the lights

Fit great

Throw your care’s away

I feel so much better about having electrical plugs outside now. Fantastic product.

Great Product

goodbye plastic bags and duck tape, these little gadgets are the answer to my dreams. My Christmas decorations are already up and running, and I no longer worry about having blow outs due to the freeze thaw cycle here in Western Pennsylvania

Good quality

I am amazed on how easy they go on

Nothing to review yet.

Did get timely delivery of my order. Nothing to review yet. I put several in service
but haven’t had any real precipitation to see how good they are. Wish I could be more informative.

Great Product

excellent product, no longer have to use duct tape or plastic bags for my Christmas Lights outdoors

Outdoor Weatherproof Extension Cord Gaskets; Christmas Light Weatherproof Gaskets

Great Fix

This time of year I always have the challenge of making my outdoor power cords protected from the elements.
So far, I am fully satisfied these items will fix my issues of the past !

I love these!!

For years I used plastic bags and tape! These are so much easier!! Great if you have to change out a string of lights!!

Great product ...But!!

The plug shields are indeed a good product they are keeping the rains out of the socket. However I ran out of the silicone/rubber covers. Because of the way outdoor lights are configured they need the available covers to be installed. I still have more of the white plugs available without covers.


A life saver…

Plugshields all weather gaskets

Great product, super fast delivery and reasonable prices. What more can you ask for.

What a gasket for all connections of power cords!

Ordering was easy.Shipping was very fast. These work very well to protect my low voltage light timers from tripping the transformer GFCI due to sprinkler overspray. I will use them for the extension cord connections for holiday lighting as well. Make sure you get enough so that you have them when you need them. Way better and cheaper than the ugly connection tubes.